Visiting Collingwood Yards

Where is Collingwood Yards?

Collingwood Yards occupies the the site of the former Collingwood Technical College on the block bounded by Johnston, Perry, Wellington and Bedford Street in the heart of the inner-north of Melbourne. When fully open there will be five entrances, three from Johnston Street and two from Perry Street. Our friends and neighbours at Circus Oz also have entries on both Perry and Johnston Street and we are next door to the iconic Tote Hotel on Johnston Street side.

What is your address?

Collingwood Yards has access from two street frontages. You can access Collingwood Yards via 35 Johnston Street or via 30 Perry Street Collingwood.

What are your opening hours?

We are open to the public in line with our trading hours – typically this is Monday – Saturday, 8am – 8pm.

Is Collingwood Yards Accessible?

We are committed to universal access at Collingwood Yards. We have invested in major accessibility upgrades as part of construction works and are committed to ongoing accessibility improvements as part of our operations.

Key access upgrades have included:

  • Installing elevators that service each building, floor and tenancy
  • Improving at grade access to each outdoor level from both streets
  • Re-leveling corridors, access paths and other parts of the buildings to remove steps and other obstacles
  • Installing accessible toilets across the site
  • If you are visiting an artist or organisation prior to public opening, please get in touch with your contact for your access requirements.

    What is Collingwood Yards?

    What is Collingwood Yards?

    Collingwood Yards is a new, permanent and affordable home for scores of artists and independent arts organisations working across music, visual arts, performance, digital media, creative industries and beyond. Situated across the former Collingwood Technical School campus in inner Melbourne, Collingwood Yards spans over 6500sqm. The site consists of three buildings and a leafy central courtyard and is located in one of Australia’s most diverse, rapidly transforming and dense inner city neighbourhoods.

    When fully open the space will be populated by over 50 separate tenancies including 17 artist studios, a radio station, hospitality outlets, galleries, performance spaces and a large public courtyard. As well as forming a home to its artists and arts workers, we will welcome visitors, guests, collaborators and the public on to the site for a wide range of events and activities. See a full list of incoming tenants here.

    Who runs Collingwood Yards?

    Collingwood Yards is owned and managed by Contemporary Arts Precincts Ltd in trust for the public of Victoria. CAP has been deeded the site under conditions that ensure it remains a place of cultural production and creativity.

    What is Contemporary Arts Precincts Limited? (CAP)?

    Collingwood Yards is managed by Contemporary Arts Precincts Ltd. We are a charitable social enterprise based in Melbourne.

    Over the last four years, CAP has taken ownership of the former Collingwood TAFE site and invested more than $15m from philanthropy, government and commercial partners into its redevelopment. There is a crisis of affordable arts space in Australia and in Melbourne in particular. Most, if not all, of the not-for-profit tenants CAP is supporting at Collingwood Yards have come under threat of having to relocate, to pay unaffordable rent or close if they are unable to secure an affordable base for their operations.

    CAP believes that the importance of keeping a diverse range of artists and creative communities active in any city cannot be understated. The social benefits of arts participation are well documented and affordable space is a key part of supporting them. Collingwood Yards is both a transformational project for its neighbourhood and a proof of concept for CAP’s broader goal to develop a new model of providing affordable and sustainable arts space in Australia.

    CAP’s Role and Model

    CAP is a social enterprise. Our aim is to ensure that the core operations of our spaces can be financially self sustaining at below market rents. Both the Collingwood Yards site and the organisation built to run it have been designed from the ground up to minimise the cost and complexity of operations. The efficiencies generated will be invested back in the community through more affordable rents and investment in future facilities, initiatives and programs.

    CAP is not a programming organisation but is committed to playing an enabling role with our tenant community and in supporting the broader Collingwood community. CAP is committed to building a strong culture of participation and collaboration, to supporting the personal and organisational development of our communities, and to building connections within and beyond the Collingwood Yards site. We believe that one of the benefits of bringing such a rich creative community together is that we can achieve outcomes that no one could achieve on their own.

    Is there a difference between Collingwood Yards and the Collingwood Arts Precinct?

    The Collingwood Arts Precinct is comprised of both Collingwood Yards and Circus Oz. They are both located on parts of the former Collingwood Technical school and TAFE campus but are operated independently.

    Is Circus Oz part of Collingwood Yards?

    No, but they are our neighbours and we work closely together.

    Is the Melba Spiegeltent part of Collingwood Yards?

    No, the Melba Spiegeltent is a part of Circus Oz, but we all work closely together.

    Spaces and Events at Collingwood Yards

    How can I rent a space?

    Currently most of the available spaces at Collingwood Yards are tenanted. However we expect that there will be turnover and new opportunities as more facilities become available. To make sure you hear about future opportunities sign up to our mailing list.

    Can I have my exhibition at Collingwood Yards?

    Collingwood Yards is not a programming body but more like a supportive landlord. We do not manage any of the gallery spaces or organise exhibitions directly. You are welcome to contact our galleries about exhibitions and relevant events.

    Can I organise an event at Collingwood Yards?

    Collingwood Yards is not open to the public and not taking bookings for individual events until our facilities are operational. We will update the web site with full details about facilities for events as they become available.

    Site-Wide Events

    As the home to unique collection of individual spaces, venues and galleries Collingwood Yards is uniquely positioned to be a hub for festivals, events and activities. If you are involved in events or festivals with the potential to utilise multiple events and partner with several of our tenants feel free to contact us.

    Our Community

    Community Partnerships

    Collingwood is a unique, diverse and iconic place. Collingwood and Melbourne’s inner-North is home to a rapidly growing population and some of Melbourne’s most culturally diverse neighbourhoods. It is an historically tough, industrial and working class suburb undergoing rapid transformation.

    For Collingwood Yards to succeed it needs to embrace, engage and invite the full diversity of local communities and become a place of connection and not of displacement and gentrification. We are actively working to reach out to and partner with the Collingwood community and beyond. If you are part of the Collingwood community and want to get involved, organise or know more about what is happening then please contact us.