Applications for the 2021 Bank of Melbourne Residency are now closed

The Bank of Melbourne Collingwood Residency is awarded annually to an individual or small enterprise of between 2-4 people and comprises of:

— Dedicated 42sqm space for 12 months’ in Melbourne’s newest cultural precinct in the heart of Collingwood;

— $10,000 in financial support from Bank of Melbourne;

— Opportunities for mentoring, professional development and collaboration.

The judging panel will be made up of Bank of Melbourne, Collingwood Yards and creative industry representatives, and will be looking for creative businesses or art practices ready to diversify, professionalise or scale up their work. Small groups, individuals and creative partnerships are all invited to apply for this career-defining opportunity — applications across creative disciplines and business types are welcomed.

Important dates for 2021

March 23 — Applications open
April 8 — Q&A Session #1, 5:30pm – 6:30pm (via Zoom)
April 16 — Q&A Session #2, 2:00pm – 3:00pm (via Zoom)
April 23 — Applications close
May 8 — Shortlist complete and applicants notified
May 10 — 13 Shortlisted applicants interviewed
May 18 — Resident(s) selected
June 8 — Resident(s) announced
June 31 — Residency commences


The judging process

Who will be judging the applications?

The judging panel consists of representatives of Bank of Melbourne, creative industry professional, and Collingwood Yards. The judges for the 2021 Bank of Melbourne Residency are Danielle Brustman (Designer, inaugural Bank of Melbourne Resident), Jason Yeap OAM, Mark Melvin (Chief Executive, Bank of Melbourne), Sarah Sproule (Head of Brand, Bank of Melbourne), Kristy Dickingson (designer and creative entrepreneur) and the incoming Director of Collingwood Yards,

What are the judges looking for?
The judges are looking for applications that demonstrate the potential of the applicant’s creative business or practice – the reason why this opportunity is critical to them at this point in time. While the judges will be looking for a degree of professionalism and experience, it’s more important to focus on how the opportunity (the space, the funds and the opportunity for mentorship, collaboration and networking) will benefit your career or business trajectory.

The selection criteria are:

  • Evidence that the applicant will use the Residency and Tenancy to their full potential and develop their practice into a sustainable creative enterprise.
  • Ability to contribute to the quality and diversity of cultural and artistic activity of Collingwood Yards.
  • Capacity to share a degree of synergy with and potential for collaboration with other Collingwood Yards tenants.
  • Ability to articulate a practice and professional approach that aligns with the Collingwood Yards values of openness, commitment, resourcefulness and resilience and focus.
  • Ability to be an appropriate ambassador for Collingwood Yards and Bank of Melbourne.
  • You will be required to come on site to Collingwood Yards if your application is shortlisted to meet with Collingwood Yards and Bank of Melbourne Representatives in person. You will have the opportunity to view the studio space at this time and access the public/shared spaces.


    Is the residency geared more towards businesses or artists?
    Both! We’re looking for businesses or practices that are working towards a long-term and sustainable career, whether that’s as a practising artist or a thriving business.

    Do I need to be based in Melbourne or Victoria?
    Our Resident/s will need to live in Melbourne to take advantage of this opportunity. If you are based outside of Victoria but intend to move to Melbourne, that’s also absolutely fine.

    What additional expenses will I need to pay?
    Reasonable use of internet and electricity will be covered as part of your Residency, however you’ll need to furnish and fit out the space according to your requirements. At the end of your Residency period you’ll also be required to return the space to its original condition, with the exception of the typical wear and tear in a creative studio.

    Application process

    Do I need to provide a timeline or budget?
    You are able to provide a timeline and budget as part of your support material. This can be useful evidence that your proposal is feasible and that the offer of space, financial and professional support is vital to your work at this juncture. The most important thing is that your support material illustrates the benefit of the Residency to your business or practice.

    What can the $10,000 be used for? Can it pay my or my team’s salary?
    Your $10,000 Bank of Melbourne account can be used to cover any expenses relating to your proposed activities throughout the course of your Residency. It can be used for almost anything relating to how you use the space and carry out your work – covering one-off equipment purchases, salaries and stipends, marketing and business development costs.

    How does the mentoring component work? Do I need to list mentors in my proposal?
    The mentoring and networking opportunities are developed in collaboration with the Resident/s, and dependant on the collective resources of Collingwood Yards and the Bank of Melbourne. If you already know the areas in which you’d like to actively pursue professional development during the Residency term, please do outline this in your proposal.

    Is there a chance to see the space prior to application?
    Shortlisted applicants will be invited to tour the space., Alternatively you can also access the digital tour here.

    Is it possible to preview the form?
    Yes, you can preview the application form here.

    The studio space

    Is the Residency studio accessible 24/7?
    Yes, the studio is accessible 24/7. Each tenant at Collingwood Yards has a swipe card to access all areas of the space, and a key/keys to their individual tenancy.

    How big is the Residency studio?
    The studio is 4m2, and the ceilings are 4.2m high. The studio has wooden floorboards, high windows that look onto the courtyard and a door with a glass panel to the shared corridor.

    Are there any activities that can’t take place in the Residency studio?
    Any activities that include heavy or dangerous machinery or work with hazardous materials may not be eligible – contact us to discuss if you think your practice may fall into this category.

    Are we able to make noise in the Residency studio?
    Within reason, yes. Sound does travel throughout the corridors, so consistent very noisy activity during normal business hours may negatively impact your neighbouring tenants.

    Can the public or visitors access the Residency studio?
    The studio is on the 1st floor of our Johnston Street Building. This level has mix of private and semi-public facing activities. You’re welcome to host visitors for meetings, workshops, events and other activities.

    Will the Resident/s be able to access the public and shared spaces?
    Absolutely – you’ll have access to the meeting rooms and flexible spaces across the site., You’ll also be able to access subsidised rates for the courtyard and other public spaces via our events booking process.

    Is the Residency studio accessible?
    Yes, all tenancies and studios at Collingwood Yards are accessible. The space can be accessed via a lift, and is closeby an accessible bathroom. Most of the public spaces at Collingwood Yards are accessible, however there is a patch of gravel that impedes wheelchair access to a section of the courtyard – we’re very actively working on a solution to this.

    Is the studio and Collingwood Yards pet-friendly?
    Yes, safe and supervised pets are welcome.