As of 8am 28 October, 2020 Collingwood Yards is open to the public.

For all of our tenants and our Collingwood Yards tenant community, one of the most exciting and important parts of our space is the public realm. We can’t wait to welcome you to our courtyards and open spaces, and to do that responsibly and in line with our CovidSafe plan.

Our CovidSafe plan has been mapped out with the help of health and safety experts and is in line with state government restrictions. While we have set up ways to facilitate safe gatherings and visits, we are asking that all visitors behave in accordance with our plans to keep our tenants, organisations and businesses trading, creating and connecting with the public. Our plans and our guidelines for visitors will be updated and reviewed regularly in line with any changing restrictions and best practices

What we’re doing

To keep our visitors, tenants and community safe, we’ve taken a number of steps, including:

  • Reducing our site capacity, based on the density quotient of two square metres per person and creating sub-zones for activities in our outdoor spaces
  • Practicing and promoting physical distancing
  • Regularly cleaning high-traffic and high-touch areas
  • Providing hand sanitiser stations along paths of travel
  • Displaying posters with health and safety guidelines around the precinct
  • Clear identification of construction areas that are out of bounds to the general public

What you need to do

Before you visit us, please make sure you have read and are prepared to follow the rules and guidelines set by our CovidSafe plan.

  • Wear a face mask in situations where you cannot practise social distancing
  • Give contact details to tenants that require this for entry into their premises
  • Practise physical distancing, indoors and outdoors. This means staying 1.5 meters away from anyone outside of your usual household.
  • Follow capacity limits as indicated by each tenancy and space
  • Stay at home if you are unwell, have any symptoms of Covid-19, if you have tested positive or are a close contact of someone who has tested positive