CovidSafe guidelines

Before you visit please make sure you’ve had a chance to read through our CovidSafe principles, and that you’re able to follow the rules set out. We look forward to seeing you!


We are committed to universal access at Collingwood Yards. We have invested in major accessibility upgrades as part of construction works and are committed to ongoing accessibility improvements as part of our operations.

Key access upgrades have included:

  • Installing elevators that service each building, floor and tenancy
  • Proving at grade access to each outdoor level from both streets
  • Relevelling corridors, access paths and other parts of the buildings to remove steps and other obstacles
  • Installing accessible toilets across the site
  • Installing push button operated toilets and doors on the ground floor
  • A comprehensive accessibility guide will be published on this site in conjunction with our public opening.


    Getting to the Venue

    The nearest Station is Victoria Park.
    Victoria Park Station is approximately a 700 metre, 10 minute walk to and from Collingwood Yards.

    Victoria Park Station is elevated and access to the platforms is either via a ramp or lift.

    For Station information:
    Victoria Park Station is on the Hurstbridge and Mernda Lines

    The nearest Tram stop is Stop 19 on the Route 86 at the corner of Johnston St & Smith St.
    Stop 19 is approximately a 300 meter, 5 minute walk to and from Collingwood Yards.

    Route 86 is partly serviced by low-floor trams. Stop information is available here

    The nearest Bus stop is the corner of Johnston St & Smith St on Routes 200, 207 and Night Bus Route 966.
    The corner of Johnston St & Smith St is approximately a 300 meter, 5 minute walk to and from Collingwood Yards.

    On Site Parking
    Collingwood Yards offers a single disabled car parking space. Located in the commons area at 35C Johnston Street vehicle entrance. See site map below or at this link.

    There are numerous secure and street parking options in the area.
    On the North boundary of Collingwood Yards on Johnston St, two-hour free parking is available. On the South boundary of Collingwood Yards on Perry St, four-hour free parking is available. All day paid parking options are available on Wellington Street (East of Precinct).

    Precinct Entrances and Access
    Our site has five external entrances.
    Two are on Perry Street (Designated as 30A Perry St and 30B Perry Street). Three are on the Johnston Street side (Designated as 35A Johnston St, 35B Johnston St and 35C Johnston St).

    The whole of the site is accessible from each entrance, however, if visiting for a specific event it is strongly recommended that you enter via the entrance suggested by the host organisation.

    Outdoor Area

    Footpath connects 35B and 35C Johnston St to 30B Perry St.
    Footpath and courtyard connects 35A Johnston St and 30A Perry St.
    Designated smoking areas are:
    Adjacent to Spiegeltent
    Northwestern corner of the courtyard
    Events may designate temporary outdoor smoking areas

    Comprehensive lighting covers all external areas of the precinct courtyard as well as LED strip lighting across the external facade of the building.
    Covered areas are situated in the following:
    35A Johnston St. (Link)
    35B Johnston St. (Deco)
    30B Perry St. (Undercroft)
    Perry St Level 1 Landing
    Perry St Level 2 Landing
    Perry St Arcade outside retail area

    Floor Access

    Johnston St Building:
    Floor access to Johnston Street Building can be made via the following areas:
    – The lift immediately inside 35B Johnston St (LG) provides access to levels UG, 1 and 2.
    – 35A Johnston St provides a footpath and ramp to the Automatic door entrance to level UG
    – From 35C Johnston St, there is a footpath and ramp leading to Johnston St lifts and external staircase.

    Perry St Building:
    Floor access to the Perry Street Building can be made via the following areas:
    -From 30A Perry St, footpath leads to the retail area of Perry St (UG) and courtyard.
    -Lift can be accessed via 30A and 30B Perry St, allowing access to levels 1 and 2 of Perry St Building.
    -From Johnston St, access to Perry St Building can be made by crossing the courtyard.

    Lock Building:
    -Access to the Lock Building can be made via the footpath from 35A, 35B and 35C.
    -Access to level 1 and 2 can be made in the Lock building lift.
    -Access to level UG can be made via a ramp.