Welcome to Collingwood Yards, an evolving and growing community of artists and creatives.

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Collingwood Yards, located on the site of the former Collingwood Technical School between Johnston and Perry Streets, is open to the public. While some tenants are still in the process of fitting out and moving in you can explore our grounds and visit traders who are open to the public.

Our space is populated by over 50 separate tenancies including 17 artist studios, a radio station, a performance space and a large public courtyard. As well as forming a home to its artists and arts workers, we will welcome visitors, guests, collaborators and the public on to the site, creating their own connections and sense of community and place.

As an independent not-for-profit social enterprise Collingwood Yards protects the emerging artists and arts organisations who are central to our community and creative future. With affordable rents and structured support, we work alongside and for our tenants to ensure that the arts have a place in the inner-city for perpetuity.